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SwearNet: The Movie


Hey folks, Robb, JP and Mike are bringing SWEARNET: THE MOVIE to the US, and need YOUR help! Check out our Eventful campaign and DEMAND that the movie be shown in your city.

For you lucky fuckers in Canada, you get to see the movie from 29 August!

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SWEARNET : THE MOVIE | In Theatres August 29th |From the Stars of The Trailer Park Boys


BREAKING FUCKING NEWS: We’ve unleashed the website for SWEARNET: THE MOVIE, and it’s FUCKED!!!

Check out the uncensored movie trailer, get Swearman drunk as fuck, create some fucked up art… and more cool shit will be revealed on the site in the coming days! You’ll be tripping balls, we guarantee it…

The movie hits theatres in Canada on 29 August, and we’ll be bringing news about US dates soon!

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Rated “F” for FUCKED!!! Bubbles made a video game pitch many years ago, but Ricky didn’t bother mailing it to the game dicks. Now you can watch it in all its fucked glory!

For more exclusive videos from the set, subscribe to www.SwearNet.com for only $4.20 a month!


Say Goodnight to The Bad Guys

Can I wear your cowboy boots, bud?

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You sent a picture of your bird to my mom!